Seerah-tun-Nabi (Peace be upon him)


Course 5

  • Complete Seerah-tun-Nabi (Peace be upon him) 3 months course 5 days a week

Course Duration 

Monday to Friday 45 minutes class



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Delve into the illuminating life and legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) through our “Complete Seerah-tun-Nabi (Peace be upon him) 3 Months Course, conducted five days a week. This immersive program offers a comprehensive exploration of the Prophet’s life, character, and teachings, providing profound insights into Islamic history and spirituality. Guided by seasoned scholars, you’ll gain a deep appreciation for the Seerah and its relevance in contemporary times. This enriching educational opportunity is available for just $300 USD, allowing you to connect with the timeless wisdom of the Prophet. Join us on this enlightening journey of Seerah and deepen your understanding of Islam’s foundational principles.