Nazra, Hifz (5 Days a Week)


Course 2

  • Nazra 5 Days a Week
  • Hifz 5 Days a Week
  • Tafseer 5 days a week

Course Duration 

Monday to Friday 30 minutes class

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In this intensive program, we offer an opportunity for dedicated learners to immerse themselves fully in the art of Quranic recitation and memorization. With classes conducted five days a week, you’ll experience a deeper level of engagement with the Quran, allowing you to progress swiftly and master the intricacies of its sacred verses.

Our Nazra, Hifz (5 Days a Week) Course is designed for those who are committed to advancing their Quranic knowledge and wish to memorize the Quran in a structured and supportive environment. The curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to ensure a holistic learning experience that encompasses both the recitation and memorization aspects.

At just $55 USD, this course represents an affordable opportunity to embark on a profound journey of Quranic study and spiritual growth. We are dedicated to making the treasure of Quranic knowledge accessible to all, and this course is a testament to that commitment.

Enroll now and elevate your Quranic expertise to new heights. Join us in this enriching experience and deepen your connection with the divine words of the Quran.